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Three questions your business must answer.
Straight to the point – here are the three questions: Do you get me? Can I trust you? Did you keep your promise? Now, of course, the tricky part is that no one actually comes out and asks you these questions, but answering them, in often subtle ways, is the key to any successful relationship […]
What Problem Does Your Business Solve For You?
Don’t misunderstand the title of this entry – I’m talking about you, the business owner, the start-up entrepreneur, the employee. What Problem Does Your Business Solve For You? See, at its heart, every business exists to solve problems. We may choose to communicate the features and benefits of our business and what it sells, but […]
How to become the only business that matters
So the question this bold and perhaps presumptuous headline likely brings up is . . . to whom. The only business that matters to whom. The first answer I suppose most business owners and entrepreneurs might suggest is to their customers. Yes indeed, this is a fine answer, an important answer, a worthy goal, but […]